Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission
Macro Moules mission is a commitment to design and fabricate the highest quality molds aiming to ensure an ever evolving success of our commercial partners in the industrial world.

Our Vision
To achieve our financial objectives, we have chosen to be recognized as a “supplier of choice” committed to deliver success. We are convinced that having at heart our customers immediate needs and long term goals will pave our road to become the number 1 mold supplier in North America.

Our Core Values

  • Success
  • Commitment
  • Speed to market
  • Best value of product

Our experience
Mold design and fabrication goes back more then 25 years
We have built over 20,000 various types of molds for rubber, plastic, blow mold, compression/injection and die-cast industry since our beginning.
We serve the molding industry globally and are present across North America, Mexico, Asia Middle East and Europe.
Our Focus is keeping a competitive advantage and to do so we will continuously invest;
State of the art high speed 5 axes machines in the range of $150k.
Continuous department training to create a more flexible team in the range of $80k.

Our Advantages
Having sister company in Poland allows us to provide services for reparations, modifications and engineering changes quickly close to our European customers
Additional engineering & manufacturing resources
Provide all standard parts & components for molds as per customer request